Designer Spotlight on Sania Parvez

Designer Spotlight on Sania Parvez

 What is your full name?

       Sania Parvez

  What age did you start designing/how old are you now?

I’ve always been creative from a very young age and knew I wanted to pursue a career within the design field. I come from a textile design background, not fashion, so having studied textiles from school till university allowed to me explore fabric manipulation and its different avenues. I became interested in translating my knitwear skills into fashion back in 2020, aged 24; I had never made a garment and wanted to push myself outside my comfort zone. Within the last two years, I’ve taught myself (now aged 26) how to make knitwear pieces fashionable and wearable on the body

How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style of fencing between daring and classic. I love combining neutral colours with traditional knitwear techniques and abstracting the design to empower the person who wears them.


Sania Parvez


 What has been the biggest challenge you have faced thus far?

The biggest challenge so far has defiantly been navigating the fashion industry and how to approach certain situations. Of course, it all comes with experience, but I've learned to see mistakes as learning curves and not a weakness.

What is one piece of advice you would give to upcoming designers?

As cheesy as it may sound, my advice would be never to give up! And to not doubt your abilities, for years, I was embarrassed that no one would even like my work, and there wasn’t any point in pursuing a creative career, but I couldn’t be more wrong. The drive to keep going is such a beautiful feeling, I can advise taking every day as it comes, and things will slowly fall into place.

      Who or what influences your style the most?

Honestly, I've never been one to say a particular designer or something fashion related inspires me. However, I can defiantly appreciate good references for my Pinterest board haha.

I guess my headspace is essential before I start making; when I don't overthink, I can produce better work, and the creativity takes over from there.


Sania Parvez working on her knitting machine


       What can people expect from your brand this year? 

Lots more experimentation at my own pace and finalising some staple pieces.

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