NDG Paisley Jane: The Birkin Reborn?

NDG Paisley Jane: The Birkin Reborn?

In 2013, NDG Paris which stands for NID de GUÊPES was born. NDG or NID de GUÊPES in English means “the wasp nest”. Although some do not understand the vision behind the brand, in a 2015 interview with Posture Mag, NDG founder Gwen stated, “We want to make a garment originally thought to be unwearable, wearable and change the “this is weird” to ” this is beautiful”, and NDG does just that. A brand known for its futuristic, minimalist style and flattering fit, is now known for something else, the Paisley Jane bag. 


When you first see this stunning structured bag, you may immediately think of the infamous Hermes Birkin Bag. From the immaculate structure, to the hidden key to open the bag,  all of the intricate details of  the Paisley Jane will definitely make you feel like you are THAT girl. Much like the Birkin, the Paisley Jane exudes luxury and many say it will eventually become the Birkin for millennials. Since the Paisley Jane dropped in 2021, its popularity has spread all across the globe, as we have seen many of our favorite celebrities and social media stars rocking this beautiful bag.  

The question now becomes, is the NDG Paisley Jane truly the new era of Birkin? We will let you be the judge of that.

  • Xoxo, Joluxe 
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